Newspaper Indexing Project
by the Uxbridge Genealogy Group

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NEWSPAPERS - Searching for information

Year and Range These two fields work together.  Enter the approximate year of the event and then select the range.  A selection of 5 years will search the newspaper starting 5 years before and ending 5 years after the year entered.  Example: If the year entered is 1850 and the range selected is 5 years, all records between 1845 and 1855 will be retrieved
First and Last Name Enter a complete name or the first part of a name.  Please enter at least the first three characters of the last name. The more characters entered, the more specific the search will be.  If the first name text box is left empty, the database will be searched on only on the last name. Example: first name left blank and last name is Uxbridge. All records will be shown for everyone whose last name was Uxbridge
Search Click on the search button to process your search

Year Range +/- First Name Last Name