Uxbridge Genealogy Group

2016/17 Program

We meet on the 3rd  Thursday of each month (with the exception of December when we meet on the 2nd Thursday!) at the Uxbridge Library, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room. Please visit this page again for any updates on meetings.

Thursday September 15 – Members’ Night - A Summer of Family History

Marian Bellamy will lead us in a discussion on research successes over the last few months. What new family connections were you able to make?  What new research tools did you use successfully or not? What “brick walls” were you able to scale? We are even willing to listen to your new genealogical frustration.


Thursday October 20 – Assessing and Preserving Your Family Heirlooms

Adrianne Van Seggelen, a conservator at the Ontario Archives, will discuss the care you should use when handling and storing your family history documents. Emphasis will be placed on paper documents. Adrianne will also talk about purchasing archival supplies. Some time will also be placed on digitizing documents so they can be saved for future generations.

Thursday November 17 – Preparing to Write Your Family History

Local historian, Allan McGillvray, returns to our group to talk about writing a family history. Using the example of the Hill Family in Newmarket, he will talk about researching individuals and then preparing the material for its final book form. This will be a valuable presentation for any one anticipating documenting their family’s genealogy.

Thursday December 8 – Year End Social

Come out and celebrate a year of genealogy and researching. Share your successes with other or just get a head start on treating yourself to holiday goodies.


Thursday January 19 – Members’ Night – Knocking Down Brick Walls

This is our annual attempt to find ways to extend our family trees by at least one more generation. You are encouraged to being your problem situations and group leaders and other members will provide some research methods and resources to move you along in your research.

Thursday February 16 – Researching American Ancestors

Ruth Burkholder returns to Uxbridge to share information about researching ancestors in the United States. Since this is the first time that we had had a topic on American research, Ruth will provide an overview of sources of information and research tools.  

Thursday March 16 – Ontario Historical County Map Project

Marcel Fortin, Map Librarian from the University of Toronto will talk about a new mapping project. The project uses early Ontario maps from the mid 1800s to help genealogists find pioneers who settled throughout, mostly, southern Ontario. The presentation will include a brief description of the maps used and the benefits that we will gain from the indexing of names on the maps.

Thursday April 20 – to be announced- Please check back soon.

Thursday May 18 – Putting Your Family Tree Online

Many of us have some experience in trying to put our family trees online. Marian Press will try to clarify the process. She will outline the different options you have in going through that process. She will emphasize the simpler and free options as well as describing the benefits of having your tree in public.


Thursday June 15 – Members’ Night

Our final meeting of the year will be one to celebrate the successes of the year and to clarify some of the new research resources and skills from the year’s programs. We have been fortunate again in having a number of very qualified guest speakers during the past 10 months each presenting new learning opportunities. This evening will be your chance to ask questions about those new opportunities. We will finish by preparing for the 2017 - 2018 year by asking for ideas and / or speakers.