It’s not always that easy…

We’ve all seen the commercial or ad where someone types in their ancestor’s name and up pops an entire family tree already done for them. Is it for real?

The short answer is sometimes. The longer answer is that many times a tree will pop up, but…

1) Is it your ancestor or someone with the same name during the same era (even perhaps a cousin)?

2) Is your ancestor’s name mentioned as a spouse with no descendants on some very distant branch on the tree?

3) Is this tree researched well or copied from someone else? Are names and birthdates duplicated on the same branch instead of being merged?

4)  Is this tree properly sourced? If not, then are the facts correct?

I like to look at trees and use them as a starting point for me to find the documents and source them properly.

In the end, the satisfaction I get from conducting my own productive search is greater than seeing a completed tree done for me (although I won’t complain if you find my 3x ggrandparents on my dad’s side).

Wishing you luck in your research.