You never know…

when you’ll need something.  My husband doesn’t like to throw things out for the reason that after you dismiss something or throw it out, you’ll need it.

Several years ago I went to a meeting where Dorothy Shier was talking about British Home Children, specifically, Barnardo children.  I went to the meeting knowing that I didn’t have any Home Children in our family.

I had been looking for my great grandmother for months. The family story was that she came from Cornwall with her family when she was 4 years old and was born in 1877, according to her death certificate.  I could find nothing about her previous to her children’s births.  I had uncovered some stretches in some family stories so I wondered if there was some elastic in this story as well.  I thought back to that Uxbridge Genealogy meeting and thought, I wonder…

I decided to look for her on the then Library and Archives Canada site.  There was a search for Home Children.  When I typed in her first name, middle initial and surname, there she was.  The age was 5 years off, but not out of the ordinary for researching genealogy.  And yes, I did do more research to prove she was my great grandmother and I had my father send away to Barnardo’s for information (another story perhaps).

If I had not gone to that meeting where I knew the information would not be useful to me (hah), I would never had found the piece to this puzzle.

You never know when you’ll need something.