Unique Genealogy Resources at Uxbridge Public Library

Uxbridge has a great public library, supported by various groups and individuals.  Today I want to talk about Family Histories in the Genealogy Room.  These binders, books, and duotangs with local family histories provide a wealth of information and were donated by the families.

Here are a few of the family history binders/books and some other names mentioned within them:

REID – Falconer, Vicars, Walker, Relly, Garnet

LEASK – Noble, Annis, Dickinson, Anderson, Smith

KYDD- Johnston, Brethour

ST. JOHN – Bacon, Doble, Baker, Evans, Brethour

GREGG – Cox, Doble, Brandon, St. John, Shier

There are over 100 different family histories in the Family History Cabinet. It located to the left as you enter the Genealogy Room. Check the library’s website for hours.