Monthly Archives: June 2014

How do you research?

After a short break, I am back.  Its not that I haven’t been doing any genealogy research, but that I took on too many projects at one time. Can you identify with that?  In my case it was too many projects, all genealogy related, but not necessarily related to my genealogy.  It brings me to the point of this post.

How many lines of research are you doing at one time? Many family researchers say to research only one branch at a time.  Do I do that? For some branches of my tree, it is easy to stay focused.   I visit a website or read the index of a book and look for the names I am researching. No problem.

When do I research more than one line at a time?  My husband and I have lines in the same geographical area.  When I read a book about that particular area, I look for all possible names-not just from one line.  There are so many books to read, I don’t want to have to read the same one twice.  Have I found this method successful? Absolutely.

Now, if I could just avoid getting sidetracked while on the internet.  That’s a post for another day.